Information Literacy Lessons

Research Calculator - Step 4: COMMUNICATE
Essay - Power Point - Video

Lesson: Presenting Research: Determining the Form of Presentation
Students will make an appropriate choice regarding the form of representation for presenting their research project, taking six questions into consideration.

Lesson: Creating a Clear, Accurate, Engaging Presentation
Students will generate a list of ideas for creating a clear, accurate, engaging presentation. They will create a presentation that is easily understood, correct, and intriguing to an audience. They will learn to self-assess.

Lesson: Making an Effective Presentation
Students will learn how to effectively deliver their presentations and they will practice their presentations using identified presentation "Do's and Dont's."

Worsheet: Performance Assessment Products
This page offers suggestions for a variety of products to be used with performance-based lessons including written, oral, and visual presentations. Some ideas are linked to scoring tools.

Worsheet: Presentation Format Ideas
List of 150 ways of possibly presenting information in oral, visual, written, and media formats.